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Wedding and Event Designer, Planner, Coordinator

Annemarie Donaker Weddings and Events is really a wish come true for me.  I realized many years ago that I was destined to be a planner.  It’s in my nature to plan and organize.

Where it all began: In my early twenties, I worked for a large bank and was on the employee event planning committee where I first realized my aptitude and passion planning corporate parties and events including company awards ceremonies, company picnics, and Christmas parties.

From there, I branched out and became very active planning private and corporate events, weddings, showers, birthday parties, and charity fundraising events.

I have been called a perfectionist.  Is that supposed to be a bad thing?  When planning your wedding or event, having a person like me on your side is definitely a good thing.  My meticulous attention to detail and being able to anticipate what needs to be done is exactly what you will need to make your wedding or event a success.  So, go ahead and call me a perfectionist, I’ll take it as a compliment.

Themed parties are one of my specialties.  From a classy Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme, to a funky Gypsy party with psychics, to fun Mickey themed party for your child and their friends, making your party or event something to remember is what drives me.

wedding tips and advice


Keep True to Yourself

When deciding on your wedding theme/color don’t jump on a trend that isn’t your style at all.  You want your wedding to look and feel like your personality.  Years later when you look at your pictures and remember how beautiful the day was, and not regret a style choice you made.

Do a First Look

Some couples are on the fence about this.  But I love when a couple does a first look.  You get to take a breath and enjoy the moment you see each other for the first time without other people around. The photographer captures this sweet, romantic moment.  And once you have seen each other you can now take bridal party photos which will make less photos to be taken after the ceremony.


Make sure to take the time to eat on your wedding day.  You will be drinking and dancing, so you need to keep up your energy.  When I coordinate weddings, I make sure the bride and groom eat.

Decide What the Most Important Things Are

When planning your budget decide the three or four things that are most important to you.  Spend your money on those things, then figure the rest out.  Don’t worry and stress about the items you need to complete on a smaller budget because the most important things are covered.

Services overview

We offer a variety of planning services, from full wedding planning, day of wedding coordination, to special event planning.
Whether you are having a large wedding, a midsize birthday party, a bridal/baby shower, or an intimate dinner for two.  We can help you execute a memorial and magical event your friends won’t soon forget.