Can your Zodiac sign predict your wedding shoe style?

Some people completely believe the characteristics of their zodiac sign is very accurate. And others put no credence into it at all. In my experience the personality and characteristics that go with the different Zodiac signs have been generally pretty spot on. I think that the not only for myself but for friends as well.

So I was very intrigued when I saw this article on the Knot about wedding shoe styles based on your Zodiac sign. I was so curious as I clicked on the article to see what they suggested for Pisces. I scrolled down looking at the shoes. The descriptions for each sign were very interesting, as well a which shoes they picked for that sign. Pisces was of course at the bottom because it is after all it is the last sign in the Zodiac. And the shoes that they picked for Pisces are so my style.

I want to know if you think it is accurate for your sign. Are the shoes they suggest your style? Check out the link to the article below, and leave me a comment on my blog what you think.


Your Wedding Shoe Style, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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