18 Wedding Trends for 2018

With a new year, comes new trends. In 2017 we saw elaborate entrances, neutral tones with bright accents, garden inspired florals, more tech savvy details like snapchat geofilters, and couples asking their guest to give to a specific charity rather than to them. From ultra-personalized everything, to color and decor, to desserts, and entertainment, 2018 is all about the vibe over the palette. Here are some of the biggest wedding trends for 2018!

Photo: Sara Wight Photography

1. Purple

The color of 2018 is purple, ultra violet to be specific! Other colors that are going to be popular for their deep, rich hues include burgundy and navy with a touch of black accents. The color palettes are going to be darker, passionate and more “moody”. In terms of metallics we’ve seen a lot of gold lately, however in 2018 we will be seeing much more chrome and silver accents.

Photo: Caroline Tran Photography

2. New Age Bohemian

The theme of 2018 is a new age Bohemian. In 2017 we saw a lot of rustic weddings. Bohemian is still relaxed, however it is elevated, more color, more undone, it’s edgy, but it is still simplistic, free and romantic.

Photo: Christian Oth Studio/Jack Jefferies

3. Bring the Outdoors In

There are a lot of decor trends for 2018. Some of these include hanging florals and living walls and bars covered in plants and greenery. This trend is huge because it helps create an outdoor look indoors and brings color and texture to the decor. You will also see potted plants as an aisle decor.

Photo: Hearts & Horseshoes Photography

4. Large Bouquets

Florals are going to be quite literally huge in 2018. Say goodbye to small delicate bouquets and hello to bouquets that are bigger and with copious amounts of flowers. Bouquets will be filled with bold colors and be a more central focus of the decor.

Photo: Studio Freyja

5. Texture

The texture trend for 2018 is velvet and geometric shapes. Geometric shaped lights, trays and decor are predicted to be huge for their edgy style look. Velvet is already garnering the spotlight in fashion, so why not have it in your wedding? Velvet can be used to cozy up your wedding and create a visual experience and a feeling of warmth for your guests. There will be more textures in general, such as textured linens and invitations.

Photo: Alicia Lucia Photography

6. Non-traditional Wedding Venues

The location trend for 2018 is non-traditional, industrial indoor spaces or a destination wedding celebrating and incorporating the culture of the destination.  Industrial indoor spaces can be turned into anything a bride and groom can imagine. They create a blank canvas on which couples may envision and create their own unique, perfect wedding.  Destination weddings provide a unique opportunity to learn about the history of the couple or even to educate yourselves and your guests about the beautiful traditions, history and culture of another part of the world. A destination wedding can be an adventure!

Photo: courtesy of Minted.com

7. Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations of 2018 are going to push the boundaries and set the scene of the wedding. They are going to be bolder, chic, edgier, welcoming, and will feature texture elements. The wedding invitation will help start the experience of the wedding and draw invitees in.

Photo: Michael Radford Photography

8. Immersive Guest Experiences

In 2018 the afterparty is no longer an afterthought. 2018 will see a rise in the importance of the guest’s experience. Instead of party favors, weddings might have a lipstick bar in the ladies’ room. The rise of yard games and photo booths will help create tangible and unique memories and help break the ice between the guests, some of whom may not know everyone there. The music experience will be more important as well. Maybe you hire two DJs to compete to see which DJ can get the most guests dancing.

Photo: Rachel Havel Photography

9. Using a Pop of Color and Wood

Creativity is going to be huge in 2018. Two trends include using wood in creative and unique ways and finding fun ways to add pops of color. We will see these trends in signage or name places as well as candles or blankets for your guests. A way to use wood and color is by creating unique name place charts that are customized to your theme and that help enhance the color palette of your wedding.

Photo: Olguin Photography (Neon Sign by Neon Poodle)

10. Signage

Creative, personal signage, such as neon signs, bride and groom labels on the backs of the couples’ chair and creating statement name places and charts are a trend we will see grow in 2018. Making visually pleasing, creative name place charts out of wood or greenery is something that will also be paired with fun and creative name places made out of mason jars or customized macarons or crystal & agate coasters to mark their guests’ seats. Signage is becoming more of an art form and an interesting addition to the wedding, instead of just being informational. Name places are becoming more of a party favor that will enhance the wedding’s look and feel, and each guest’s experience and enjoyment rather than being something to discard.

Photo: Meggie Taylor Photography

11. Making Food an Experience

The food has become more of an experience in recent years and will continue to in 2018. Buffets where guests can create more of a personalized plate are quite popular, as well as beautifully presented plated food. Food that is creative and more than just a steak or chicken is also a huge trend. Couples’ can give their guest a “bride” and “groom” entree option that they can choose from.

Photo: Love Be Photography

12. Signature Drink

Having a personalized drink is a big hit for 2018. Whether they have a cocktail named after the couple’s last name or they have a his and hers cocktail option, getting personal and creative enhances the overall experience for the guests. Consider serving your favorite drink, or have it be the drink you both tried on your first date!

Desserts: VG Donut and Bakery

13. Wedding Desserts

Dessert is no longer just a wedding cake in 2018. While the wedding cake is one of the main focal points of all weddings, 2018 will also bring bite size cake, donuts, popsicles and other interesting, smaller desserts alongside the main wedding cake. These smaller desserts allow for more variety of desserts. They also allow another opportunity for your guests to have creative and personal fun with their food, such as an ice cream sandwich or sundae bar or a favorite family dessert of great Uncle Fred & Aunt Bessie (caramel chocolate chip oatmeal cookies anyone?)!

Photo: Steve Steinhardt

14. Intimate Bridal Party

In 2018, smaller bridal parties are trending. In 2017 there were huge bridal parties, whereas in 2018 having a smaller, more intimate group for your bridal party is much preferred, enhancing that personal, more intimate theme.

Photo: Watters

15. Bridesmaid Dress Alternatives

2018 bridesmaid dresses no longer have to be dresses. Velvet is a very big trend and so are fun bridesmaids pants jumpsuits. Brides can pull from the relaxed and edgy Bohemian style for some fun and unique bridesmaid look.

Photo: Sam Landreth Photography (Wedding Dress by Dreamers & Lovers)

16. Wedding Dresses

When it comes to the Bride’s dress, 2018 is sticking with the bohemian meets edgy meets simplistic vibe, such as bell sleeves, celestial chic, and puff sleeves.

Photo: @jules_bartling instagram

17. Accessories to Suit Your Style

Accessorizing a Bride’s look is also going to be a huge focal point in 2018. Brides can accessorize with edgy and or personalized jackets, with bridal tiaras, or for a pop of color and culture, they can accessorize with a kimono. Personalized jackets or colorful kimonos are also some unique elements to give to your bridal party.

Photo: Natalie Franke Photograph

18. First Look with the Family

The last major trend of 2018 is that Brides will include family such as their parents, siblings, grandparents, and aunts and uncles with their first look with rather than just their significant other. They will seek to capture the moment of surprise from a broader although still intimate audience when seen for the first time on their wedding day.

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